script development

uproar is dedicated to supporting new voices and stories, at any stage of their development, and contributing to the continued growth and rejuvenation of the industry. 


the program has been designed to be flexible to people’s learning styles and financial situations, with pay what you can pricing and bespoke workshops, tailored to fit the writer. 


this is not a competition or a commissioning process, but a purely development-focused program, based on individuals. there will always be dedicated, personal feedback, the opportunity to develop a dialogue, and grow together.

any money made from this program will feed directly into the production of our shows and other projects, continuing to support the creation of new stories in a cyclical, sustainable way, and helping to fund and support a regional theatre community.


find out more about what we offer, read testimonials and send us a message below. 

early stages development

bespoke sessions to support the development of a new idea, using exercises to explore plot, character and structure.

pay what you can

per hour

script report

receive a detailed written script report to support the development of a new draft.

pay what you can

script report and 1:1 workshop

receive a detailed written script report, and a 1:1 session to discuss and explore the script using exercises. 

pay what you can


a second pair of eyes for those important submissions. 

pay what you can

per hour


insightful, creative and a pleasure to work with.

dom crane

i recently had an early stages development session with eilish, which was unbelievably helpful for me. eilish’s knowledge of the theatrical process is incredible - she has an innate ability to use her dramaturgical knowledge to help you shape your own ideas. i left the session feeling refreshed and enthusiastic to write, which was something i hadn’t felt in a long time. thank you eilish!

lewis wood

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