Week 3... Crikey.

Well, well, well! How two weeks have flown by… Is it Sunday already?

The past couple of weeks have brought sunshine and a new lease of life for Uproar! There have been lots of changes over the past week, and we are ready to share them with you.

We have begun to look at Mother/Land again after a little break. The cast for the show will be changing a little bit from the scratch night we held just before lockdown! Due to schedule conflicts, Audwin will look a little different, and so will Arlana. That means that this week we have been holding auditions to find a new Audwin. I’m happy to say that we’ll be working with the fantastic actor Milo Matthews, who is from Peterborough. We’ll be announcing the next person playing Arlana next week.

Next up; Some Noise! So, you will have heard ‘The Consequence of Sophie Cottin’ by the fantastic Lindsey Dawson and Martha Fitzgerald last week! This week, it’s the turn of Martin Keady with ‘Last First’. We released this on Wednesday morning (as always), and it means we only have two plays left. Sad to think it will soon be over! But we do have more exciting things to come.

Creative Outburst. We have been redesigning this programme to better suit our audiences needs. Whilst everything in the world has been going on, we’ve taken this time to reach out to some people who are more experienced than us. They’ve been able to offer invaluable advice. We are looking at creating an online community which allows us to share this advice and offer development tips to writers in the region. Keep your eyes peeled!

I think ‘keep your eyes peeled’ is becoming a bit of a catch phrase…

But you definitely should! Lockdown has been such a difficult time. However, we have found it has given us much needed time to reflect on what we have been doing, and evaluate what works for us and what doesn’t. It’s given birth to projects such as Some Noise and Creative Outburst, and has bought us closer to our audiences. Literally!

That’s all from me. You’ll hear from Eilish next week, as more things progress!

Take care x

Upcoming events:

Wednesday 12th August @ 10am - Spotify and iTunes - Mickey’s Dog is a Plutocrat released

What I’m reading… Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon

What I’m watching… Love created by Judd Apatow, Lesly Arfin and Paul Rust (Netflix)

What I’m listening to… Historian by Lucy Dacus

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