Short Update

Well, another week has flown by!

This week saw the release of 'Mickey's Dog is a Plutocrat' by Joe Wiltshire Smith on Spotify and iTunes. We're getting to the end of our Some Noise plays, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the process. We have met so many fantastic writers and I'm really looking forward to developing similar opportunities down the line.

Things are ticking away behind the scenes on 'Creative Outburst' and 'Mother/Land', so sit tight and we'll have an update for you before you know it!

Until then, have a fantastic week.

Eilish x

What I’m reading… The Bees by Laline Paull

What I’m watching… Life On Mars - Created by Matthew Graham, Tony Jordan and Ashley Pharoah (Netflix)

What I’m listening to… Kiwanuka - Michael Kiwanuka

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