Hello! Zoë here.

Welcome to the inaugural post on the Uproar Theatre blog! As we find ourselves getting ever busier, we wanted to create a way to keep in touch with everyone. Each Sunday we will be posting an update, a round up of what we have been up to and of what’s to come the following week.

With the governments announcement and guidance, alongside the reopening of the ACE grants, it seems everything has jumped back into action. Arts buildings and theatres are still struggling, but it has allowed some theatre creators, such as ourselves, to kick back into producing. This time last year, I couldn’t have imagined that the industry would be in this position, and yes, sometimes it is difficult to stay positive. That’s one of the benefits working in partnership with people (I’m looking at you Eilish!), you operate as a cheerleader for each other when it gets difficult.

This week has been a particularly busy week for us! Last week we released the first of our radio plays ‘Entwined Lines’. Next up was ‘Piece by Piece’. ‘Some Noise’ has been a fantastic project for us. It has enabled us to connect with individuals we have never worked with before, and also has given us a chance to impart a few things we have learnt along the way with aspiring writers. We have used a whole host of creatives, and brought people together in a way we just wouldn’t have been able to do if the project hadn’t operated remotely. We adapted the idea of a scratch night to a radio play as lockdown came into effect, and we are talking about keeping it in the same format. It’s accessible, exciting and a brilliant way for us to grow the amount of people we work with. Everything we love!

Both plays are available on Spotify and iTunes.

I am excited to say that I will be speaking to Matt Marvell on BBC Radio Suffolk about the project. After I have a quick chat with him, live on air, they will be broadcasting ‘Entwined Lines’. I am so pleased that we are able to offer the performers and writers this platform. And it’s so exciting for Uproar!

Eilish and myself met on Thursday to talk about what is next. Just before lockdown came into effect, we held a three day rehearsal and development with a scratch performance of our first show ‘Mother/Land’. After reviewing the situation, we are planning to tour this show rurally in Spring 2021. So keep your eyes peeled for dates, fundraisers, and ways that you can get involved.

Further to this, we had a lock down project which we have paused. Originally, ‘Creative Outburst’ was a way for us supply you all with tips, tasks and stimulus over lockdown. However, whilst reflecting on our practice, we felt this would be an excellent opportunity to diversify and find new creatives to supply these things! So, we are still scheming, and developing something that will allow our audiences, creatives and collaborators to be part of an online community.

That’s all for now! Eilish will be writing the next post, which you can expect next Sunday.

Take care x

Upcoming events:

Monday 27th July @ 19.30pm - BBC Radio Suffolk - ‘Entwined Lines’ broadcast

Wednesday 29th July @ 10.00am - Spotify and iTunes - ‘The Consequence of Sophie Cottin’ released

What I’m reading… The Robber of Memories: A River Journey by Michael Jacobs

What I’m watching… Stath Lets Flats, created by Jamie Demteriou (4od)

What I’m listening to… Song for Our Daughter by Laura Marling

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