A Quick Update

Hello and happy Sunday! Eilish here, bringing you a round-up of the week.

This week meant big things for ‘Some Noise’, as ‘Entwined Lines’ by Lexus Ndiwe was aired on BBC Radio Suffolk, alongside an interview with our lovely Zoë. It was so wonderful to know that the play was reaching a wider audience, and hopefully will be the start of something very exciting. We also released ‘The Consequence of Sophie Cottin’, which is now available on both Spotify and iTunes, along with ‘Entwined Lines’ and ‘Piece by Piece’.

Most of my week has involved being squirrelled away, redrafting ‘Mother/Land’ and drinking excessive amounts of tea, ahead of a read through with the cast next week. Having stepped away from the script for a few months, it was so lovely to get stuck in again, and I cannot wait to have a chat with the rest of the creative team.

That’s all I have to say for now, I guess I’m a writer of few words. Zoë will be returning on Sunday with a new post. So, until then, take care.

Upcoming events:

Wednesday 5th August @ 10.00am - Spotify and iTunes - ‘Last First’ released

What I’m reading… Goats by Liwaa Yazji (Translated by Katharine Halls)

What I’m watching… Spaced, created by Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson (Netflix)

What I’m listening to…Waterfall by The Stone Roses

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