what came before?

uproar was formed in 2018 by eilish mullane and zoe wells. since then, the company has been exploring different ways of engaging with creatives throughout the region. 

we have been fortunate enough to collaborate with fantastic people both onstage and behind the scenes. learn more about our past projects below!

Original poster for Creative Outburst. Weekly Themes. Writing Prompts. Community Feedback.


creative outburst

in collaboration with a host of talented writers and creatives, uproar provided weekly themed prompts to keep people writing over lockdown.  


coast to coast theatre

ella hickson

dean parkin

vinay patel

kirstin smith

tom mangan

alexandra d'sa

james mcdermott

to access the prompts, head over to our resources page here

some noise

frightening felines, dithering diplomats and a very unfortunate boat trip. it's audio drama with a difference. 


6 15-minute radio plays from regional writers, produced over lockdown. 

"thank you for believing in this play and giving it a platform!"



lindsey dawson

and martha fitzgerald

peter gardiner

martin keady

tim mcniven

lexus ndiwe

joe wiltshire smith


sally-ann burnett

tiegan byrne

paul cairn

james campbell

ben elder

tessa hatts

rhonda henderson

vicky holding

christina ngoyi

david redgrave

guest judge

james mcdermott


george rennison

Artwork for Some Noise. Two overlapping striped circles.
Motherland illustrated poster. A woman and two men stand in the rain. Barbed wire fence in the distance.


audwin transcribes the words of better men, distributing them around a newly-divided city, but rebellion comes at a price. as the stasi close in, audwin must decide who he can really trust, and how he can keep them safe.

a scratch performance of mother/land was shared at the headgate theatre, colchester in march 2020.

creative team

written by eilish mullane

 directed by zoë wells

audwin - huw brentnall

arlana - clare hawes

franz - harry boaz

"i've never seen an audience so absorbed."

"if this is the level uproar is beginning at, i can't wait to see what comes next!"