Diversity and Representation Policy

Protected Characteristics                                                                      

  • Age

  • Disability

  • Gender recognition

  • Marriage or civil partnership

  • Pregnancy and maternity

  • Race

  • Religion or belief

  • Sex

  • Sexual orientation

By December 2021

50% of our writers will be female

50% of our directors will be female

50% of our performers will be female

25% of our writers will be from a diverse background

25% of our directors will be from a diverse background

40% of our performers will be from a diverse background



Unless specified in the script, we pledge to consciously consider a diverse cohort of actors, for each and every role. 


When casting a script, we pledge to undertake ‘conscious casting’ (Such Stuff Podcast). Whilst blind casting can expand the range of diverse creatives we work with, we believe that this system can and is counterintuitive and, at times, offensive. 


We will ensure that all cast members have an individual to contact, not based in the rehearsal room, that they can contact in regards to a grievance.



We will conduct an annual review of our targets and diversity statement, and publish the results on the website annually, in regards to our diversity targets.



We will publish our Statement of Diversity and Representation for all creatives, freelancers and audiences to view. 


We will include a statement of our guiding principles in all of our programmes. 


We will retain records of all concerns and feedback to continuously inform our ongoing professional practice.



We will use Diversity and Equality Opportunity Monitoring forms with our creative teams and participants.


We will provide Audience Surveys for every performance.


We will conduct an Annual Survey to see how our audience is interacting with us.

To best engage with and support both our audiences and creatives, Uproar will monitor for Equal Opportunities whenever possible.

This includes script submissions, company positions, creatives and audiences.

This information will be collected using an optional Equal Opportunities form and used to inform our ongoing practice.